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Senior Wellness

Home Safety

Have you recently checked your home for safety? Having a fresh set of eyes on your home can help you identify hazards that may contribute to falls. Try using our checklist with a friend or family member to see what you can spot, or contact your local community LHIN for a professional assessment.

  • If you are 50+ with a risk of falling, you may qualify for home safety assessment and grab bar installations in your home. Please contact the North Lambton Community Health Centre at (519) 786-4545 extension 265 for details

  • If you know someone who could benefit from additional services while remaining safely at home, contact the Care Pathway at 519-336-3000 or 1-888-347-8737 and speak to a Tel-check representative. For more information about the available local services within Sarnia-Lambton or up to date programming and resources be sure to check out

General Home Safety Tips: 

  • Bathroom

    • Install grab bars in your shower or tub for balance and support when getting in and out
    • Have a non-slip mat at the bottom of your tub or shower to reduce slippage
    • Use a shower chair if you feel unsteady or tired in the shower
    • A handheld shower head with a hose can help you clean off more easily and with less effort
    • Have someone in the home while you shower or wear a lifeline in case you fall so that you can get help immediately
    • Have a nightlight in the bathroom to help navigate yourself to the toilet at night
    • Install high toilet or handles on the toilet to help with getting off
    • Take out any mats on the floor that you could trip on
  • Bedroom

    • Make sure your pathway from the door to your side of the bed is clear of clutter (this includes dressers, mats, and other items!)
    • Use a nightlight or flashlight to you find your way to the bathroom at nighttime
    • Install a bed rail if you find it difficult to get out of bed or are pulling on the edge of your sheets for support
  • Living Room

    • Make sure you can easily get in and out of your main chair! Some common issues seniors face are low chairs or couches, mats around the main pathways, and a lack of space between the table and the couch to sit down safely.
    • Clear your furniture and make easy pathways to navigate around your home. If you’re constantly bumping into a piece of furniture or squeezing around, it probably shouldn’t be there!
  • Kitchen

    • Keep all frequently used items and appliances within easy reach (between your shoulders and waist height).
    • Avoid bending and reaching as much as possible to prevent dizzy spells and loss of balance.
    • Use a long-handled reacher and other kitchen tools to help you prepare meals easily and safely.
  • Staircases

    • Have at least one railing for all stairs, but having two for each staircase is ideal.
    • Consider installing a grab bar for small steps or staircases with only one or two steps if a railing is not possible.
  • Basement

    • Keep a pair of good slip-on shoes to wear if you find the floors are cold on your feet.
    • Avoid decorating your basement with mats as they are easy to trip on.
    • Make sure there is enough lighting to see into all corners of your basement.
    • De-clutter the rooms so that you can walk through easily and not bump into any furniture or trip on anything on the ground.

How many hazards can YOU find? Click here to find photo - Challenge your friend!