Senior Wellness


Have you recently checked your home for safety? Having a fresh set of eyes on your home can help you identify hazards that may contribute to falls. Try using our checklist with a friend or family member to see what you can spot, or contact your local community LHIN for a professional assessment.

  • If you are 50+ with a risk of falling, you may qualify for home safety assessment and grab bar installations in your home. Please contact the North Lambton Community Health Centre at (519) 786-4545 extension 265 for details

Keep Active! The #1 way for a senior to prevent falls is to stay fit and be active every day. A good way to start is by using our exercise sheet (Click here to open)  and practicing these movements! Try it with a chair as you watch TV, while you stand and cook at the countertop, or while brushing your teeth by the sink. For up to date programming and resources be sure to check out

Boosting Balance & Bone Health - next in person session will start in Fall 2022

This 5 week program is designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence and to educate individuals on keeping bones healthy.

· One hour is designated for group exercise, and one hour is designated for education on bone health.

· Education sessions include:

¨ Bone health - Osteoporosis Canada

¨ Dietary practices - Registered Dietician