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Senior Wellness

Active Living

Keep Active! The #1 way for a senior to prevent falls is to stay fit and be active every day. A good way to start is by using our exercise sheet (Click here to open)  and practicing these movements! Try it with a chair as you watch TV, while you stand and cook at the countertop, or while brushing your teeth by the sink. For up to date programming and resources be sure to check out

Other ways to keep active

  • Attend a community exercise program 
  • Gather a group of friends together for a walking group 
  • Contact your local YMCA, Strangway Center or gym and ask about discounted membership
  • Go outside in nice weather and explore the area
  • Ask your family to take you for a walk in the park or downtown
  • Take the stairs in your apartment building as opposed to the elevator (or, if you live up high, take the elevator up for half the ride and take the stairs for the rest)
  • Go for walks inside your home or apartment when the weather is bad
  • Participate in an exercise class online - check out this free program link

Other ways to prevent falls include:

  • Be in charge of your medication! Know what it is, what it does, the side-effects, and why you are taking it. Click here for medication handout. 

  • Wear proper footwear inside the home and outside. Make sure your slippers have rubber soles and you don’t wear socks on slippery floors. Ensure you outdoor shoes fit snugly and don’t have laces undone or straps that can be tripped over.

  • Speak up about any dizziness symptoms and report any falls or changes in balance to your Family Doctor.

  • Manage your diet and eat healthy! Ensure you get the required amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health.

Check out these resources:

Community Exercise Programs

  • Rapids Family Health Team
    • (519) 339-8949
  • North Lambton Community Health Centre
    • #3-59 King Street West, Forest
    • (519) 786-4545 extension 307
  • Strangway Community Centre
    • 260 East Street North, Sarnia
    • (519) 332-0656
  • Victorian Order of Nurses
    • 1705 London Line, Sarnia
    • (519) 542-2310
  • West Lambton Community Health Centre
    • 429 Exmouth Street, Suite 100, Sarnia
    • (519) 344-3017 extension 237
  • For individuals with Osteoporosis and/or poor balance:
    • Boosting Balance & Bone Health Program is a 5-week program designed for seniors to improve their balance and bone health through both education and exercise.

Contact for Information and to Register:

  • Rapids Family Health Team (Sarnia)
    • (519) 339-8949
  • West Lambton Community Health Centre (Sarnia)
    • (519) 344-3017 extension 259
  • North Lambton Community Health Centre (Forest & Kettle Point)
    • (519) 786-4545 extension 265