Did You Know?

Rapids Family Health Teams currently accepts referrals from 40 Sarnia-Lambton community based physicians affiliated with our clinic. This means if you are a patient of one of the following physicians, you have access to any of our allied health professionals and classes we offer:

*taking new patients - may change without notice

Dr. Abraham* Dr. Ajayi-obe* Dr. Bartlett Dr. Barnett
Dr. Borek Dr. Boyle Dr. Buckton Dr. Campbell
Dr. Peterson Dr. Crozier Dr. Gannon Dr. Gibbs
Dr. Greensmith Dr. Hall  Dr. Kolano Dr. Lau
Dr. Lising Dr. Monk Dr. Naik* Dr. Nedic*
Dr. O'Mahony,J   Dr. O'Mahony,M   Dr. O'Mahony,Wm   Dr. O'Sullivan  
Dr. Pearson Dr. Prendiville Dr. Putter Dr. Rankin
Dr. Rockwell
Dr. Schlebusch Dr. Singh,J Dr. Singh,V
Dr. Soeder Dr. Spano Dr. Suryavanshi,S Dr.Uppal
Dr.Vornberger Dr.Wakely,P Dr.Walker Dr.Withers 

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