Did You Know?

Rapids Family Health Teams currently accepts referrals from 38 Sarnia-Lambton community based physicians affiliated with our clinic. This means if you are a patient of one of the following physicians, you have access to any of our allied health professionals and classes we offer:

*taking new patients - may change without notice

Dr. Ajayi-obe* Dr.Bartlett Dr.Barnett Dr.Borek
Dr.Boyle Dr.Buckton Dr.Campbell Dr. Chilvers
Dr.Crozier Dr.Gannon Dr.Garrett Dr.Gibbs
Dr.Greensmith* Dr.Hall* Dr.Kolano Dr.Lau
Dr.Lising Dr.Monk Dr.Naik* Dr.Nedic*
Dr.O'Mahony,J* Dr.O'Mahony,M* Dr.O'Mahony,Wm Dr.O'Sullivan
Dr.Prendiville Dr.Rahalkar Dr.Rankin Dr.Rockwell
Dr.Singh,J* Dr.Singh,V* Dr.Soeder
Dr.Spano Dr.Uppal Dr.Vornberger Dr.Wakely,P
Dr.Walker Dr.Withers
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