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Suicide Loss Support Group 

A Loss by death is sad, a loss by suicide is complicated. It  is also very different to what people experience following death by other causes. Immediately after a suicide death, people are often in shock and unable to describe or explain their feelings or make meaning of what has happened. You may need time before you feel ready to examine what has happened, how it has affected you, what it all means, and what you need in order to begin healing. You may not be interested in talking to others about your thoughts and feelings, however in time, you may feel you are ready to share your thoughts and feelings and experiences to work through your journey of loss.  A Suicide Loss Support Group may be what you need.  You are not alone.  There are others who have lost a loved one by suicide and we can come together and share our experiences. The fact that someone died by suicide does not change our love for them, what they meant to us, their value, the contribution they made, and our right to celebrate and honour their lives. When someone dies by suicide, it does not mean that they did not love or value us. How a person dies does not define their life, us, or our relationship with them.

If you feel you are ready to come together to share your loss with others who have also experienced a similar loss, please call to Register for the SUICIDE LOSS SUPPORT GROUP (mobile friendly version of poster).

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017