Senior Wellness

Memory and Aging Program

The Memory and Aging Program is an education and intervention program for older adults who are experiencing normal age-related memory changes. Through instructor-led discussions, in-class exercises, and evidence-based strategies, participants gain a better understanding of how memory works and tools to better manage their memory function. This five-week program is intended for those who are concerned about their memory but do not have a diagnosis of dementia or any other condition with a significant impact on memory.

Program content includes:

  • Education about different types of memory, memory processes, and how memory normally changes with age.
  • Support for adopting a memory-healthy lifestyle, including education about factors that affect memory and tools to support positive behaviour change.
  • Memory training including instruction in practical memory aids and strategies, practice using the strategies, and discussion.

Program format Two-hour sessions running one-per-week across 5 weeks.

Eligibility: The program was developed for those who are experiencing normal age-related changes in memory. Anyone interested in learning about memory and strategies to support their memory is welcome to enroll.

No physician referral required.


Baycrest Memory and Aging Program