Rapids Family Health Team’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funded MOMENTUM program takes a holistic family approach to foster healthy body weights and healthy relationships with food among all family members through education and empowerment.

Children between the ages of 2 – 18 struggling with weight issues may be referred to the program by an affliated FHO Primary Care Provider  (Click here for a list of affiliated FHO physicians) or paediatrician. 

All children and their families will receive a one year customized intervention plan including:

  • On-going clinical assessments by a Nurse-Practitioner .
  • Unlimited access to a registered dietitian and social worker whom will emphasize the importance of making health-focused changes as a family, target nutrition interventions towards the possible health complications of excess weight, encourage physical activity for a healthy lifestyle and foster healthy attitudes towards body image and self-esteem in children and youth.
  • Unlimited access to interactive youth programs allowing youth of all ages to be involved outside of office-appointments.
  • Access to a monthly parent support group (Sprouting Healthy Futures) designed to provide parents/caregivers with the skills to make changes to their families’ food behaviors and learn tips about raising healthy children.
  • Access to personalized dietitian-led grocery store tours.
  • All families will also receive a Take-Home Family Meal Kit thanks to the generosity of the Sarnia Community Foundation

Do we Qualify?

Momentuis offered to families at no cost. Children between the ages of 2 – 18 with a BMI > 85th percentiles on the World Health Organization (WHO) Growth Charts are eligible for MomentumPlease speak with your primary care provider to see whether your child is eligible for the program and to request a referral.

Contact us!

For more information on the Momentum program, please contact Monica Ostlund (Momentum program Registered Dietitian) at 519-339-8949 or book an information session with the Momentum Team by contacting our case manager at 519-339-8949.

Momentum Programs

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures
A cooking and educational program for children ages 8-12 registered in the Momentum Program. Click here for a sample of what the 4 week program schedule looks like. 

Teen Cuisine

A cooking and educational program for teens ages 13+ registered in the Momentum Program. For the Next scheduled class click here for details. 

Amazing Race
A fast food scavenger hunt geared for teens enrolled in the Momentum Program. Teens will be given a scorecard and will be responsible for choosing the two healthiest options at each fast food restaurant visited before time runs out! "Let the RACE begin!".  For the next scheduled Amazing Race click here for details.


 Sprouting Healthy Futures - Tips and Tricks for Raising Healthy Children


Momentum Program Brochure

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