Emotional Health

Overcoming Depression Therapy Group

Overcoming Depression Therapy Group is an 8 week program for adults 18+ struggling with depression and it’s facilitated by Registered Social Workers. During the group sessions the participants will learn how to make the feelings of depression less intense, how to prevent getting depressed again and how to be more in control of their lives. The group setting fosters the additional benefit of participants recognizing strength in one another. The group covers topics such as:

  • Overview of Depression
  • Lifestyle changes for managing depression
  • The thinking- feeling connection
  • Thought analysis
  • Identifying and challenging cognitive distortions( unhelpful ways of thinking)
  • Recognizing Core believes and  developing a self-management plan
  • Exploring and practicing relaxation skills and stress reduction techniques
  • Developing and practicing coping skills

Next group starts on: To Be Announced